Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently asked questions

At EASY Sale Homebuyer, we recognize that selling your house is a one-of-a-kind and personal experience. Our dedicated property specialists are ready to provide you with the answers you need, completely free of charge and with no obligations.

Simply give us a call!

We take pleasure in discussing your house and offering solutions tailored to your specific situation. Let's have a conversation about your unique needs and discover the ideal path forward.

Don't hesitate to reach out to us today!
How does it work?
Our process is designed to make selling your house quick and hassle-free:

STEP 1: SCHEDULE A VISIT. Contact us today by calling (216) 677-2175 or using the contact form on our website. Share some details about your house, and we'll arrange a visit.

STEP 2: GET A CASH OFFER. A local property specialist in your area will personally meet with you to answer your questions and assess the condition of your house. If it aligns with our investment criteria, you'll receive a cash offer.

STEP 3: CLOSE ON YOUR TERMS. You have complete freedom to decide whether to accept the cash offer or not. If you choose to proceed, we'll work with you to schedule a closing that suits your timeline, allowing you to receive your cash quickly and move forward.

Ready to explore your options? Contact us today for a complimentary and obligation-free consultation with a local property specialist. Let's find the best solution for you!
Are you wondering about any obligations when requesting a cash offer or scheduling a visit with us?
Absolutely not! When we visit your home and make a cash offer, there is no obligation whatsoever. Our aim is to provide you with a transparent and stress-free experience.

You can count on us to answer all your questions, evaluate your house, and present you with a cash offer. It's entirely up to you whether you choose to accept or decline the offer. We respect your decision either way.
What Types of Houses Do We Purchase?
We specialize in assisting homeowners in various challenging situations. We can provide solutions for houses with significant structural issues, such as problems with the foundation, roof, plumbing, or electrical systems.

Additionally, we are experienced in purchasing houses located in less desirable or high-crime neighborhoods. If your house is situated in a flood plain or an area prone to weather-related impacts, we can offer assistance. We also help homeowners burdened with high-interest rates or unfavorable mortgage financing, as well as those struggling with unmanageable payments or balances.

If your house holds painful memories due to a death, divorce, or tragedy, we are here to provide support. Furthermore, if your current house no longer meets your needs, whether it's too big, too small, or inconveniently located, we can explore options together.

Whatever your situation may be, please don't hesitate to contact us for a confidential discussion and personalized assistance.
Are you behind on payments?
Since EASY Sale Homebuyer can close in as few as three weeks, we could have your cash in hand even before you miss another payment and help you avoid foreclosure altogether.

Find out how a fair cash offer from EASY Sale Homebuyer can help ease financial burdens now.
Are you in pre-foreclosure?
Each situation is unique, and at EASY Sale Homebuyer, we understand the importance of tailoring our solutions to fit your specific needs. Over the years, we have encountered a wide range of circumstances and have the experience to handle whatever challenges you may be facing. Let's have a conversation about your situation and work together to create a plan that will help you avoid foreclosure.
Do you buy JUST houses?
At EASY Sale Homebuyer, we are interested in purchasing a variety of properties. Whether you have a condo, townhouse, duplex, multi-tenant building, or even a commercial property, we are open to discussing the potential purchase. Don't hesitate to reach out and let us know what type of property you have.
How do we come up with an offer on you home?
Prior to presenting an offer, our team will carefully assess several key factors, which include:

  • The current condition of your house.
  • An evaluation of the necessary repairs and renovations.
  • The anticipated duration for completing the renovations.
  • The projected market value of your house after renovation in comparison to similar properties in the neighborhood.
  • The expenses associated with real estate commissions after the sale.
  • The costs involved in maintaining the property until it is ready to be sold, including insurance, utilities, taxes, loan payments, and more.
By considering these aspects, we can determine the cash offer for your property based on the estimated future value after renovation, while accounting for these relevant costs.
Worried about repairs?
There's nothing to worry about when selling to EASY Sale Homebuyer. We accept your house in its current condition, so there's no need to make any repairs or even tidy up. Reach out to your local property specialist today for a complimentary consultation. Call or click now to get started!
Did you inherit a house and not know what to do?
If you've come into ownership of an inherited house, you have the freedom to decide its fate, including selling it. At EASY Sale Homebuyer, we specialize in assisting with inherited houses and have valuable information to share with you. Get in touch with your local property specialist today for a complimentary consultation. Call or click now to take the first step!
Need to sell quickly?
Simply reach out to us by phone or use our convenient online form. One of our local EASY Sale Homebuyer representatives will promptly arrange a meeting with you to visit your property. During this visit, we'll assess your house and often present you with a cash offer right then and there. Plus, with our streamlined process, we can close the deal in as little as three weeks.
When do you get your money?
Unlike other buyers and methods, the straightforward process of EASY Sale Homebuyer can put cash in your hands in as little as three weeks from the moment you accept our fair cash offer.

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